Sustainability is at the heart, at the heart of every action.

Our products help to save energy, reduce emissions and are designed to ensure that the building is environmentally friendly.

Over the past decade, we have focused on reducing energy use and emissions, recycling our production waste, and constantly try to build better and more sustainable buildings.

So far, we have achieved great things in terms of sustainability, we are proud of how we have changed our company, helped our colleagues, our communities and our customers by reducing our impact on the environment.

Sustainability is a continuous improvement process that we build on your successes.

We have to do more for people and the environment. That’s why we’ve created our new sustainability strategy.

Natural Ingredients

Unlike most types of insulation materials derived from the petrochemical industry such as PE, PU, PIR, PUR, EPS or XPS, Remak ® Rockwool is 100% natural.

Remak ® Rockwool is produced from natural basalt, so it is very environmentally friendly. Remak® Rockwool degrades naturally easily, moisturizing and sponging the soil.

In addition to being known as a high-performance insulating material, Remak ® Rockwool is also used for hydroponic cultivation without soil, contributing to the high-tech agricultural revolution, protecting soil and water environment.

Remak® Rockwool is manufactured with minimal impact on the environment

Most insulation products from porous plastic such as PE, PU are produced by blowing Gas into the plastic to form small pores, which adversely affects the environment because it destroys the ozone layer, destabilizes the ecosystem.

Contrary to porous plastic or foam products, Remak ® Rockwool production process does not use HC or HCFC gases at all. Therefore, the product is also very safe for the user and has been proven to be free from carcinogenic amiang components.