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Remak® Rockwool mineral wool is produced from 100% natural basalt rock, its melting point is about 1350ºC. The insulation meets the strict requirements for fire safety. It is used for insulation and fire protection systems.

Remak® Rockwoool is one of the most effective fire-resistant materials. It is naturally non-combustible and possesses better fire-resistant properties than most other commonly known insulation materials.

Remak® Rockwool FGR is commonly used for the Remak® Green Roof system.

The system is becoming the latest trend for urban constructions.

It brings many sustainable benefits, not only helps to improve the living environment with fresher air but also brings nature to your living spaces.

Green Roof also has superior insulation ability, contributing to reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Recommended products


Thickness (mm)

Size (mm)

Remak® Rockwool FGR50

50 – 150

600 x 1200

Remak® Rockwool FGR60

50 – 150

600 x 1200

Remak® Rockwool FGR80

40 – 150

600 x 1200

Remak® Rockwool FGR100

40 – 150

600 x 1200

Remak® Rockwool FGR120

40 – 150

600 x 1200

* Finished surface: Aluminum foil, glass cloth..



Increase roof life

Remak® Green Roof acts as a durable protection for the roof, increasing the life of the roof.


Regulate the climate

Remak® Green Roof helps balance the climate, bringing nature to our living environment.


Reduce noise pollution

Remak® Green Roof is like a sound-absorbing carpet, effectively blocking noise.


Clean the air

Remak® Green Roof absorbs a large amount of pollutant emissions and dust, clean the air.


Reduce CO2

Remak® Green Roof absorbs CO2 and cleans the air.