External wall

Apart from structural considerations, which are obviously pre-eminent, the correct specification of wall ties is crucial in two additional respects.

Firstly, it is necessary that the tie does not compromise the performance of the cavity wall insulation with regard to liquid water penetration.

Secondly, the U-value calculation method must take into consideration the number of wall ties per square metre as well as the cross sectional area, and thermal performance of the wall tie.

Cavity Wall

Remak® Rockwool IW is a product used for internal cavity wall.

Cavity wall heat and sound insulation solution is filled with a layer of Remak® Rockwool IW, which enhances sound insulation, reduces energy loss and provides a more comfortable living environment.

Facade wall Insulation

Building wall insulation systems are often used in buildings, with the exterior of the building often clad with stone or aluminum alloys. Remak® Rockwool VFI fills the space between the masonry and the exterior cladding, creating an insulating wall and effectively preventing fire from spreading.

Lightweight Party walls

Sound insulation, also known as sound reduction, is the prevention of sound from passing from one part of a building to another, for example by erecting a partition or wall.

Improving the sound insulation of the Lightweight Party walls is the main way to reduce the transmission of sound between houses.

Metal wall Insulation

Insulation for metal wall is a type of non-load-bearing insulation structure, consisting of an insulation material layer placed between internal and external metal sheets.

The steel structure exterior wall insulation system helps to shorten the construction time, ensure fire prevention, effective sound and heat insulation.

Remak® Rockwool ES is one of the best insulation materials for light steel structures.