Remak® Rockwool ES For Metal Wall


Remak® Rockwool mineral wool is produced from 100% natural basalt rock, its melting point is about 1350ºC. The insulation meets the strict requirements for fire safety. It is used for insulation and fire protection systems.

Remak® Rockwoool is one of the most effective fire-resistant materials. It is naturally non-combustible and possesses better fire-resistant properties than most other commonly known insulation materials.

Insulation for metal wall is a type of non-load-bearing insulation structure, consisting of an insulation material layer placed between internal and external metal sheets.

The steel structure exterior wall insulation system helps to shorten the construction time, ensure fire prevention, effective sound and heat insulation.

Remak® Rockwool ES is one of the best insulation materials for light steel structures.

Recommended Products


Thickness (mm)

Size (mm)

Remak® Rockwool ES60S

50 – 150

600 x 1200

Remak® Rockwool ES80S

50 – 150

600 x 1200

Remak® Rockwool ES100S

40 – 150

600 x 1200

Remak® Rockwool ES110S

40 – 150

600 x 1200

Remak® Rockwool ES120S

40 – 150

600 x 1200

Remak® Rockwool ES130S

35 – 150

600 x 1200

Remak® Rockwool ES140S

35 – 150

600 x 1200

* Finished surface: Aluminum foil | Glass cloth






Euroclass A1 to BS EN 13501 – 1


Remak® Rockwool ES 0.036 W/mk

Compressive strength

Remak® Rockwool ES 10 kPa

Tensile strength

Remak® Rockwool ES 7.5 kPa