Acoustics matter in every application

Remak® Rockwool solutions achieve the highest standards for sound absorption, so whatever your application, there’s a Knauf Insulation product for it.

Noise pollution seriously affects our country’s economy annually. Problems related to noise include lost productivity, increased health costs and impaired learning. That’s why we need better buildings designed with acoustics standards.

Not a requirement ….

But in some projects this minimum requirement is required to consider the acoustics in every component of the building. The Regulations may not require insulation in all interior partitions, but try saying that to someone who is working hard at home while their kids are playing in the next room.

Our Remak® Rockwool solutions are excellent at absorbing sound, creating homes, offices, schools and hospitals that are quieter, healthier and more productive.

But definitely a necessity

In fact, it only costs a little extra to turn your home into a truly ‘family-ready home by adding acoustic mineral wool insulation to all internal partitions.

Remak® Rockwool Mineral wool is the best solution

Mineral wool insulation is the most effective material at reducing sound transmission and reverberations. The fibre matrix encourages the absorption of sound waves, converting them into heat energy, where other insulation types simply let the sound pass through. The right solution depends on your application.

Use the right product for the right application

With the criterion of meeting all customer requirements, our products provide insulation solutions for each application.

To customer can choose the most suitable product that can meet all the requirements of customers, we offer solutions and applications for each product.