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100% Natural
This is a 100% natural product consisting of volcanic rocks such as basalt, dolomite. Remak® Rockwool is produced by melting the rock at a high temperature, and then they are spun by machines to convert into flexible and tiny fibers.
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Our product saves energy, reduces exhaust gas, and completely friendly with environment

"For a better World"

With over 12 years of experience in the insulation industry, we are one of the leading companies in researching and developing smart insulation solutions for a better world. Our products help to save energy, cut emissions, protect environment as well as keep people healthy, safe and well.

Our target is to lead the change in smarter insulation solutions for a better world, always create new sustainability strategies.

Health, safety, sustainability are top priority.

Minimizing the impact of our production on the environment.

Lower production costs but more benefits

Creating better buildings



Remak® Rockwool is manufactured from inorganic materials and therefore mold or bacteria are not likely to grow on the surface. Agents such as mold or bacteria will not affect the product's performance.

Low thermal-expansion

Thanks to their low coefficient of thermal expansion, Remak® Rockwool are subject to a very small change in size by temperature. Since the waterproof membrane on the surface (if any) not be damaged.

Low water absorption coefficient

Remak® Rockwool have a low water vapor absorption capacity of 0.03% (ASTM C 1104) and hold less than 1% water per volume (ASTM 209).

Reusable and recyclable materials

Remak® Rockwool is manufactured with a minimum of 40% recycled materials, which includes cast iron slag, natural basalt and a portion of waste products that are recovered and recycled in the production process.

Energy savings

Buildings using Remak® Rockwool save a significant amount of energy through a process that prevents heat transfer between indoor and outdoor.

Acoustic capabilities

Remak® Rockwool has excellent acoustical performance, including block, absorb and enhance sounds. It helps to provide a comfortable, pleasant, quiet environment for the user.

HCFC - Free

Remak® Rockwool meets most of the environmental criteria, does not contain any greenhouse gases or ozone-depleting gases, such as CFCs, HCFCs, Asbestos, CO2.

Fire Resilience

Remak® Rockwool is non-combustible and has a melting point of about 800℃. In an event of a fire, Rockwool insulation can prevent the fire from spreading as well as reduce the possibility of smoke and gas formation, provide precious time to save your family and your home.


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Information for Architects

Buildings are designed and built for maximum performance: energy efficiency, safety and comfort. As the largest manufacturer of rockwool in Vietnam, we have all kinds of sound insulation products to suit all your buildings.

Information for Distributors

To help distributors provide the best service to your customers, we have pulled together all of the relevant products, documents and information related information that we feel will benefit you when selling Remak® Rockwool.

Information for Contractor

We are proud to be your reliable partner. Remak® Rockwool helps you to create buildings and projects meeting the standards of fire prevention, soundproofing, heat insulation, safety and sustainability.

Information for homeowner

Remak® Rockwool offers a full range of thermal and sound insulation solutions for roofs, walls, walls, ceilings and floors. We'll give you advice on the basics relating to insulation that a homeowner need to know.