Insulation below the concrete slab

Remak ® Rockwool ESF – the insulation system under the concrete ceiling consists of a mineral wool layer with a soundtext coated surface that is fixed and exposed to the surface below the concrete ceiling.

Remak® Rockwool ESF not only provides superior acoustic performance, but also prevents fires, stops the spread of fire.

Soundproof floor system

The floor soundproof solution consists of Remak® Rockwoool, floor damping springs and Sound Off Barrier panel, providing an outstanding soundproofing system. And it is completely suitable for all spaces which need good acoustics such as Bar, Pub or Studio

Insulation for concrete floors or roofs

Our noise and thermal insulation system for concrete floors consists of a layer of rock wool with a high compressive capacity and is placed directly under a floor finish such as tile or parquet.

Remak® Rockwool SCF is commonly used in temperate regions where floors need to be installed with electric heating. It keeps the house warm and circulates air.

Fireproof through floors

The trend of using Glass curtain wall in buildings is increasing. It bring safety, luxury and high aesthetics. New construction trends always come with a solution to protect the building’s safety in the event of a fire. Remak has successfully researched and produced a cross-floor fire retardant solution using Remak ® Rockwool CFB mineral wool.