Remak® Rockwool VFI For Facade wall Insulation


Remak® Rockwool mineral wool is produced from 100% natural basalt rock, its melting point is about 1350ºC. The insulation meets the strict requirements for fire safety. It is used for insulation and fire protection systems.

Remak® Rockwoool is one of the most effective fire-resistant materials. It is naturally non-combustible and possesses better fire-resistant properties than most other commonly known insulation materials.

Remak® Rockwool VFI is a product used for façade systems. The facade insulation system is often used for buildings which have the outside usually covered with stone or aluminum alloy, metal. And Remak® Rockwool VFI fills the void behind the facing, creating an effective wall of heat insulation and fire prevention.

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Thickness (mm)

Size (mm)

Remak® Rockwool VFI80

50 – 200

600 x 1200

Remak® Rockwool VFI100

50 – 200

600 x 1200

Remak® Rockwool VFI120

40 – 150

600 x 1200

* Finished surface: Aluminum foil | Glass cloth






Euroclass A1 to BS EN 13501 – 1


Remak® Rockwool VFI 0.034 W/mk

Compressive strength

Remak® Rockwool VFI 30kPa

Tensile strength

Remak® Rockwool VFI 7.5kPa