From improved packaking to an upgrade of our compression technology, the latest changes we’ve made are designed to make our market-leading, non-combustible products even better.

Better for you, because it’s easier to chooase, use, store and handle your insulation. And better for the world, because together, we are reducing our carbon footprint even further.

Better for you, better for the world

Product improvement

We always improve products, making it easier for customers to choose and easier to construct.

We create products suitable for different projects, enabling customers to choose the right product for their intended use.

Easy transportation

We use the best compression technology to make shipping packages simpler and easier.

You can also store more product in one space, and it's easier to handle and transport

Support for distributors

To help distributors provide the best service to your customers, we have pulled together all of the relevant products, documents and information related information that we feel will benefit you when selling Remak® Rockwool